FUTURAMA (1999-2003)

Due to Youtube regulations, we can only show a 5 second clip of each show before those PINHEADS shut us down. Thankfully, our video team has picked some of the most meaningful 5 second moments in each show's history.

Mark Riddles:

I've never been that into science fiction or anything doing with the future. When Flinstones and Jetsons were on back to back I would always turn it off once the Jetsons theme kicked in. There is just too many possibilites with the future that it seems like it nothing ever goes by without some random technology popping up in the story that saves the day. It aggravates me the same way the 1960's version of Batman did. Just pulling stuff out of your ass so it fits.

Futurama is great regardless of that. The humor isn't completely rooted in the fact that it is in the future and the future is weird. In fact, most of the best jokes on the show could probably work on The Simpsons as well. I would never say though that Futurama is a return to the greatness that The Simpsons once had, but it was at the time the best thing on the Fox lineup.

The one thing I didn't like about Futurama is Bender. I don't like smartass characters to begin with. I kind of feel that was perfected by Rafael in the Ninja Turtle. Except he didn't drink. He ate pizza.

Give me a break!

Jixby Phillips (ranked it 22):

I remember the first time I watched Futurama. It was when it was brand new, and was very critically acclaimed. Bender was on the cover of TV Guide. Everyone had Futurama Fever! I was on vacation with my dad and it was on. We both were aware of the buzz and were both Simpsons fans, so we gave it a shot. Unfortunately the episode was “I, Roommate” which kinda stinks. I wrote the show off completely and never revisited it on Fox again (side note: the other thing we watched was the Super Mario Brothers Movie on HBO, which my dad actually enjoyed more than he should have).

Then Adult Swim picked it up. The year was 2003 and I was at the peak of my VHS recording prowess. I was probably more excited at the idea of getting to tape a show from the very beginning and have it air in production order than I was about enjoying a good show while giving it the second chance it deserves. That’s when I actually fell in love with the show.

But I think I associate Futurama mostly with the end of an era. It was literally the last show I STARTED taping before I switched to DVD Recording. It was also the start of the age of “everything on TV comes out on DVD now so you don’t REALLY need to be recording it.” I think the first Season box set was announced pretty soon after this.

About the actual show: I love how much the people behind it actually care about it. They keep all the stories and events straight, but then find ways to mess with them and find new meaning from them. The idea that they set stuff up in the pilot that didn’t come until seasons later is really impressive. Also the show is so rich with humor at times I have to pause it and just marvel at it all. Like remember when they were at some political convention and in the background you could see a booth for THE SPACE MOOSE PARTY? It was a combination of Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull-Moose party and online comic SPACE MOOSE. I felt like my lunch money deserved to get stolen after I got that joke.


Buster Simmons: If I was BENDER I'd take Peggy Bundy girl and BEND HER over, heh heh!

Chad Newmarket: newsflash the future sucsk

Frances Mildred Gertrude “Frandma” Prescott: When I was a kid, we had no idea what was in store for us when the future happened! If I knew all these walkmens and homosexuals would be out and around... some of them are marvelous!



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IMDB TRIVIA (found by Mr. Adventure!)

A tribute to the idea that nerds, geeks and dorks matter, Futurama saw great success until 2003, when it accidentally choked to death at a Hypnotoad referencing convention in Louisville, KY.


This airs on Comedy Central now. You can get everything on DVD.

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