30 ROCK (2006-????)

Due to Youtube regulations, we can only show a 5 second clip of each show before those PINHEADS shut us down. Thankfully, our video team has picked some of the most meaningful 5 second moments in each show's history.


30 Rock is so great. Just do it! Is it in you? I'm lovin' it! At first I was a little apprehensive to watch it because I wasn't a big fan of Fey on SNL but this show is just perfect for her, not to mention Tracy Morgan, Alex Baldwin, and Jack McBrayer. One time whatshername who plays Jenna sat in front of me at the UCB Theater and she was so nice asking if she was blocking my view at all and offering to move her chair but she wasn't and I was just fine with her being there! Just fine! Another time they were shooting at the actual 30 Rock and I ate some of their pizza. HOW BOUT THAT!

ANYWAYS, I'm a sucker for three types of comedy: sincere niceness/naivety (Kenneth), pompous jerks (Jack), and convincing crazies (Tracy). Sometimes I try to figure out which of those three characters I love the most, but I just can't choose! They're all the best for their own best reasons! Like the time Jack tells Kenneth to go to hell and Kenneth replies so swiftly and sincerely with a "no thank you :-)", I die. Or recently when Kenneth asks Tracy and Jenna to go out and buy some soup themselves and he lists the step by step process and when he says something like "use your badge to get back in" an Tracy yells out "THAT'D BE THE WORST PART!"

There really is very little about the show that I actively dislike (mostly when they make a pretty topical or political joke) but a lot of it lies in minutiae that should be suspended because it's a f*cking tv show for christ's sake. Just do it! Is it in you? I'm lovin' it! All the ancillary characters are great in their own way too, even if they are underused. There's been a lot of criticism for the stream of guest stars this season, but honestly not one has bothered me because it's not like The Simpsons where a character will walk up and say OH MY STARS! IT'S STAR OF STAGE AND SCREEN [insert actor name]! This turned mighty defensive, didn't it?

another ANYWAYS, 30 Rock gets 30 Tommys from hound! YES 30, YOU LUMPS! Just do it! Is it in you? I'm lovin' it!

Mark Riddles:

30 Rock always seems like it is The Office's older brother. It gets to stay on later, it is a little more mature, and it doesn't drive a car into a lake. I SWEAR TO GOD IF 30 ROCK EVER DRIVES A CAR INTO A LAKE I WILL BOYCOTT NBC. HOW DARE YOU "THE OFFICE". MY WIFE AND I WERE SO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU. WE HAD TO COMPLAIN ABOUT IT ON AN INTERNET MESSAGE BOARD.

30 Rock does two things I really like. First of all there is Tina Fey, who is the best female lead in a TV show since Roseanne Barr faked John Goodman's death. We definitely need more funny ladies on TV and less ladies who want to give Brett Michaels a blow job. The other thing is Alec Baldwin, who is a legit movie star on television. We need more guys from the movies coming to TV. 30 Rock is living proof that television can be as impressive as film in terms of comedy. In fact, as long as Scary Movie writers as still being paid by movie studios, TV comedies are better.


Buster Simmons: Eh. I never watch this show. I don't like that bitch Tina Fey making fun of my girlfriend (Sarah Palin). She's my kinda woman! She can kill a moose with her bare hands. Tina Fey can only kill my attention span. What a bore of a bitch.

Chad Newmarket: the only god thing in his is tracey morgan my favorite black

Frances Mildred Gertrude “Frandma” Prescott: This is a much nicer episode of the Larry Sanders show. Giving Larry a girlfriend is a good idea, he needs a regular woman in his life! I didn't care for the shouting from you-know-who. Back when I was young people like that had more respect.



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IMDB TRIVIA (found by Mr. Adventure!)

30 Rock filed a restraining order against Lorne Michaels, to keep him at least a thousand feet away from any writing instrument, on the grounds that he will ultimately kill everyone and everything that he comes into contact with.


It's on NBC and and DVD.

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