THE VENTURE BROS. (2003-????)

Due to Youtube regulations, we can only show a 5 second clip of each show before those PINHEADS shut us down. Thankfully, our video team has picked some of the most meaningful 5 second moments in each show's history.

Mark Riddles:

Jixby Phillips once remarked it was the best written cartoon of all time. Until it is conceded that Duck Amuck holds that title I will never watch this show. Looks good though, REAL GOOD.

Jixby Phillips (ranked it 21):

This is another show I hated at the start. I still hate the start of it. That Pilot episode? PEE YOU. It reminded me of this thing a guy I knew wrote in high school. There were two overly-naive young men who were oblivious and said “yaaaaay!!” a lot. There was a big brute guy who spoke few words and exercised a certain brand of over-the-top violence on bad guys. That’s literally all I remember from it. It just seems like if you can compare a TV show to something you remember reading from a xeroxed page in high school written by a peer then maybe that TV show needs some work (unless you’re talking about something I wrote in high school, then it’d be genius as fuuuuuuuck). Luckily, they DID work on it, and they managed to turn it into maybe my favorite cartoon going right now.

I think Season 3 went a little nuts with the plot... I’m all for expanding the fictional universe of something... I just wished maybe they did 20 episodes instead of 13 so they could still keep the plot-fests they had but still do a few more simple, straight-up adventures (Hey, the Billy Quizboy back-story episode was ALL plot but it was still one of my favorite episodes of the season) But man when this show is good, it’s fucking killer. And it has some of the best, most effective and surprisingly funny references around. When the guy from Prodigy (specifically the “fire starter” video) and the Art of Noise showed up in an episode this last season I fucking died.

I love how non-jokey the show is, even though it started as a basic Johnny Quest parody. You COULD take the idea of a Johnny Quest-esque boy wonder and have him grow up to be a weird, stunted, Chris-Elliott-esque man-child and have it be some dopey high-concept comedy. But instead they made Rusty Venture a realistic, bitter, but still sort-of brilliant guy.

The character-driven comedy is so good in this. And the action is typically genuinely awesome. This is one of the few shows I watch and wish I had it in me to write something that good. Mostly because I’d write a script that somehow involved Morton Downey Jr. I don’t know why, but I have a really big desire to see Morton Downey Jr. drawn in the Venture Bros. style. Jackson and Doc, please steal this idea! I WON’T CARE! See, it’s in writing! Me not caring!


Buster Simmons: I like to think I’m a little bit like Dr. Venture, heh heh! He’s almost the Al Bundy of super scientists! I’m like that but without the Super Science stuff. Okay, this is just my round-about way of saying I’m like Al Bundy. So sue me, I don’t like this show and I’m trying to think of something positive to say. Give me a goddamn break.

Chad Newmarket: is anybody else wondering why jixy wants to see robert downy jr dressed like the venture brothers? be a faggot much, jizzby faglips?

Frances Mildred Gertrude “Frandma” Prescott: They sure did change cartoons a lot from when I was a kid! When I was a kid, you had to go to the THEATER to see a cartoon! Now you can see them whenever you want on your TV, there’s even a whole channel for it! When I was a kid we’d see cartoons at the show, and they’d show you the news... and my mom and dad would let me get a soda pop. Getting a soda pop was a really big treat! My son’s kids have a whole fridge full of it and they sometimes have two or three a day! Now I have to keep MY fridge full of soda for when they visit... it’s what they expect.



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IMDB TRIVIA (found by Mr. Adventure!)

The Venture Brothers rude use of Johnny Quest characters resulted in the death of cartoonist Alex Toth.


The Venture Friends are frequently reran on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Their Website is usually a good place to see episodes as well. You can also buy the DVDs! The dudes who make the show are super entertaining on Audio Commentary. I reccomend it!

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