Due to Youtube regulations, we can only show a 5 second clip of each show before those PINHEADS shut us down. Thankfully, our video team has picked some of the most meaningful 5 second moments in each show's history.


Colbert is the beast. To me (hound, i'm houns), he's just one of those folks who can do anything with nothing. I (hound) usually zone out during interviews on shows, but Colbert is so quick and pompous that I (hound) can't take it! All the ladies want to be with him and all the hounds (me, i'm hound) want to be him! There is something about pomposity that is hilarious and Colbert's acting chops are perfect for his bombastic character.

I (hound) got to go to a test show taping back in 2005 before the show was on the air, ya know, to work out the kinks and see hound it was all gonna work out. It was then and there that I decided his show was better than The Daily Show--especially since Colbert had been my (hound's) top dog at the Daily Show for years anyways. I remember they did some segments that don't come up that much anymore like "Unamerican News" and doing a thing with Bobby the stage manager (Eric Drysdale). I recently watched all the 2005 episodes on the Colbert Nation website (you can do that, ya know!) and most of what I remember ended up in other episodes.

There was another time that I (hound) got to participate in a pre-tape thing for a Colbert bit that was, thankfully, never used and never aired. We were supposed to be dude bros at a bar complaining about Victoria's Secret catalogs and they told us to get drunk and I think I was the only one who obliged :(. I made some pretty foul cracks but I'm relieved in the long run that it was never used! I'd (houn'd) hate it!

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Mark Riddles:

I do not think I would have bothered watching The Daily Show in the first place if Stephen Colbert wasn't on. He was always the one that really sold the whole concept of the fake news show while everyone else had a more "winking at the camera" kind of performance to it. He could of fit perfectly with Brass Eye (which sadly didn't make the list).

When he was getting his own show I was ecstatic, but felt maybe he might not draw enough of The Daily Show fans to stick with it for another half-hour. It wasn't the case, and now Colbert is practically bigger than The Daily Show ever was. It couldn't of happen to a better guy.

Jixby Phillips (ranked it 30):

I just plain fell off this show. I should watch it, because itís great. I think the Daily Show is funnier, but this show is much harder to pull off since he does character stuff. I respect it way more. Uh, I donít have much to say about this show, since I donít watch it so much. What did I rank this? Whatever it was, it was clearly in theory. I only watched this for a couple months when it started. I actually recorded every episode in the beginning. But when it was clear that it was a hit I abandoned it completely. Jesus, Iím a jerk.

I also get annoyed at seeing Colbert with shorter hair. I wish he'd grow it out to Season One "Strangers With Candy" length. Maybe it won't grow anymore? I know the shorter hair fits his character on this show more... I guess that's another reason I don't watch it so much. And another reason I'm a jerk.

Thanks, hound.


Buster Simmons: I must admit I have some egg on my face on this one. I thought Colbert was on our side. But I guess heís making fun of us all. Disappointing.

Chad Newmarket: colbert rules! he pwns the shit out of librals. im not a conservitive either i just hate all mortels. why must i deal with so many mortels?

Frances Mildred Gertrude ďFrandmaĒ Prescott: Oh all these pundits are just the stupidest people I ever seen! You donít see Grandmas geting on TV all the time yammering on and on about politics! But let me tell you, the world would be a much better place if Grandmas were on TV!!



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IMDB TRIVIA (found by Mr. Adventure!)

The Colbert Report was originally called The Mac Report, a conservative view-point broadcast, hosted by Bernie Mac. Airing on BET, the show was put in indefinite hiatus due to Bernie's eyeball wrangling team going on strike.


On Comedy Central, Monday through Thursday. Or on hulu, right? There are also some special DVDs that I can't vouch for but they're probaby great:

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