Due to Youtube regulations, we can only show a 5 second clip of each show before those PINHEADS shut us down. Thankfully, our video team has picked some of the most meaningful 5 second moments in each show's history.

Mark Riddles (ranked it 21):

I've actually had people think Larry Sanders is a real human being. "Garry Shandling is that comedian from Mad About You, idiot". That is really to the credit of the show, which is probably one of or THE best written shows on this list. My favorite things were with the guests of the talk show and how they played themselves. Henry Winkler is pretty much known as being this warm and nice guy in real life, and sure enough he's like that on the show, even when Hank Kingsley is being a shithead to him.

I could talk about Hank for hours. I don't think there is a bigger shithead character on television that I like more. He's exactly like those embittered and vengeful guys you read in tell all books that have all the horror stories about them (Chevy Chase comes to mind). Only this time you know its all true. Tambor performance as Kingsley and later as George Bluth (Arrested Development) are some of the best characters ever made for TV. I can't think of another actor who has two so great.

It steams my clams when I hear some people talk about how great Studio 60 (and if you are thinking WHAT?, Yes, they exist) was at showing the behind the scenes action of a live television show when Larry Sanders did it so much better much longer ago. I mean they ripped off Network and thought they get away with it because they would have Newscaster compare the rant to it. It takes a lot to make me mad at Judd Hirsch, but that did it.

Its really only so low on this list because many people haven't caught it. Most of the people who ranked this show were kids when it started and it was on the channel that showed nudity for adults to enjoy. That and the fact only Season 1 is available is also a shame. I think even I underrated it a little bit on this list. I think I will think that of a lot of shows, but Larry Sanders wows me every time.

Also, Larry is wrong. "Hey, Now" IS infectious.

Jixby Phillips (ranked it 20):

I think I started watching this when Bravo made a big whoop about airing it. Boy oh boy, I was in love! I can remember a time when it seemed like Bravo was going to be the best channel around. They started airing this, and Twin Peaks (at a time when Season 2 was elusively not on DVD). It was almost like they were slowly beginning to turn into my dream channel!

Everyone should get that Best-of thing they put out on DVD. Itís really amazing, and totally holds up, and Iím speaking as a staunch anti-best-of-collection guy. Itís as comprehensive as a best-of can be, and the extras make it all worth it. Watching Garry Shandling fumble around nervously with Sharron Stone is fucking fascinating and heart-breaking. TVís Hank Kingsley is one of the funniest characters ever to be on TV. Jeffery Tambor is really good at being the prick of the century. He also plays a mean Hank. See what I did there? I made a little joke, a misdirection type joke about how I'm calilng Jeffery Tambor a prick instead of the character he played! You didn't get it? re-read it. It'll be funny, now that I explained it.


Buster Simmons: Hey, Iím no fancy-pants. I canít afford no Home Box Office. But this was on in syndication for a while. This is a funny show, even though itís all about rich people problems. I wish I could bitch and moan about MY late night talk show. All I got to complain about is a no-good family and a missing toe. Hey, they should make a show about me! "A REGULAR JOE WITH A MISSING TOE." Just thinking out loud here.

Chad Newmarket: i donít care about whats going on behind the scenes of some lame tv show. they should show whats going on behind the scenes of porno or something. hank is a fat faggot anyway like my dad. go to hell larry. Hey jixby this is really your dream channel? figures theres no pussy on it

Frances Mildred Gertrude ďFrandmaĒ Prescott: I guess Hollywood is just full of foul-mouths. I shouldíve figured.


"Hank, I want you to grow up right now", said Larry as he spreaded his wings.



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IMDB TRIVIA (found by Mr. Adventure!)

Larry Sanders grew up in small town Oklahoma, running his father's candlemaking stand. Their claim to fame revolved around wax busts of ex-presidents and impromptu interviews with last night's guests from The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.


"Season One" and "Not Just the Best of the Larry Sanders Show" are on DVD! Don't worry, these are all single-sided discs, so there's no flipping!

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