Choosers Choice

Directed by:

Written by:
Tamara Hoops

Rated: PG-13 (brief use of F-word) | Runtime 101 | AKA: Choosers Choice

Video Jerks Customer

REVIEW: “Chooser’s Choice” is the story of Sarah Chooser (Sandra Bullock), a pretty, educated, successful professional woman, with one big problem – she cannot find a boyfriend. She can negotiate major deals and power lunch with millionaires, but put her in front of hunky dude in a “one on one” dinner setting, and she turns to jelly.

It would seem that poor Sarah would never get her love life together, when she meets, not one, but TWO dream guys, Owen (Luke Wilson) and Luke (Owen Wilson). Owen is successful oil baron from Texas and Luke lives in France. Now Sarah has a problem, which of these men will she will she choose? What a predicament!

I don’t want to spoil the movie, but I will say that Sandy really shows us the full range of her acting chops in this one. The ending brought a tear to my eye (I need to stop watching movies while wearing my corpsepaint, it got all over the couch).

The picture quality was excellent and the extras were superb. A commentary track with Sandy and director Tarsem was interesting. It was like a window into her life. She took many phone calls during the track, so I now know what it would be like to talk to Sandy on the phone (Someday, I hope to *Sighs*).

Overall, I recommend “Chooser’s Choice” highly. Only a pus-filled sebaceous blood bag would think otherwise.

Forever in Darkness and Pain,

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