Gorilla Weekend

Directed by:
Warren Cellph

Written by:
Warren Cellph
Daphne Cellph

Rated: PG | Runtime 72 min. | AKA: Gorilla Weekend

Mike Jergens
Video Jerks Customer

REVIEW:I will not lie; I am a Stephen Dorff fan. I make sure to see all his movies in the theater if possible. So when I was looking through the discount bin at the Fab-Mart Grocery Colony and I found this little gem at the bottom of the VHS bucket near where I drop my film off to be developed, I nearly flipped my wig. I had never heard of this movie before, it is not even listed on Dorff-Net.nz (the premier Stephen Dorff fan-site on the web), so I immediately put my $9.99 on the counter and headed home (forgetting to pay for my Cheez Whips –WHOOPS!)

Lucio Vincennes (Cole Hauser) and Leonard Augusto (Stephen Dorrf) are two low-level functionaries in organized crime. They are ordered by their employer, Mob-boss Bobby Scarrupucci (Armand Asante) to watch his pet Gorilla, Meepo, for the weekend while Scarrupucci visits a gathering of all the big East Coast mob bosses. Well, I probably do not need to tell you that things do not go as planned. They find out that a rival mob family has put a contract out on the life of poor Meepo. Vincennes and Augusto spend the movie trying to keep one-step ahead of the assassins. They even hide out in a zoo, where Meepo meets his dream-gorilla (lady). I do not want to spoil the ending, but there is big shootout a banana import warehouse and Scarrupucci comes home from the Mob meeting early.

I would say that this is probably one of Stephen Dorff’s better roles. He really makes you think he is Italian. Cole Hauser was OK, but there is something about him that I do not trust. I got my copy at the Fab-Mart on Lincoln, so if you want to get your own copy, you might need to find it at the one on Prescott. I did not call to ask if they had it, because I have the copy I just bought.

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