The Office (2005)

Rating: TV-14 | Runtime: 30-60 min. | AKA: Cook'd and Bomb'd's The Office

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SUMMARY: The low-level office workers of Dunder Mifflin fail to amuse me nowadays.

REVIEW: Sigh... There was a time when I thought this show was actually better than the UK version. But I just saw an older episode in syndication. I recognized it as a season 4 episode that actually aired after the dreaded lake-driving incident of 2007 (I still think the writers actually struck BEFORE the season started rather than DURING it), and therefore I hadn't seen it. The cold open had a moment that I found just as egregious as Michael Scott's wet-getting.

The scene in question shows the characters all crammed into the conference room, watching the screensaver on a DVD player. The screensaver consists of a square DVD Logo bouncing about the screen. It is explained in a camera address by the disgusting Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) that everyone is absolutely transfixed on the logo, and are awaiting for the moment to come when it goes perfectly into the corner of the screen (rather than hit the side wall just beside the corner). Meanwhile, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is conducting a meeting and is oblivious to everyone elseís fascination with the screen saver.

Why is every character obsessed with the screen saver?

Honestly, I donít find it especially realistic that EVERYONE would be on board with this behaviour. Are you telling me stick-in-the-mud Angela (Angela Kinsey) really cares about this juvenile exercise? Also, how did EVERY character have the same exact thought to stare at the screen-saver? The only way it would make sense is if this has been a running activity in the office that caught on over a few years, possibly months. But the writers have done nothing to set this up so far in the series when they had 3 seasons previous to do so. Asleep at the wheel much? Watch out, youíre headed for that lake up ahead.

When the screen-saver finally hits the corner, everyone applauds and leaves the conference room, despite the meeting not having ended.

Michael (Steve Carell) thinks they are applauding him. An incredible coincidence. But really? Would every character APPLAUD? Maybe a few would be that excited, but I severely doubt EVERYONE sharing that level of excitement. Surely Dwight (Neil Hamburger) wouldnít abandon Michael (Steve Carell) in his time of need. But, I get that itís funny that Michael (Steve Carell) thinks the applause is for him, and Iím willing to set this aside for the sake of humor, even though itís not terribly realistic. But my biggest problem is...


Jim and Pam (John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer respectively), in their respective on-camera addresses, talk about the screen-saver as if they are still in the middle of watching it. What, did they leave the meeting, quickly film their talking-head segment, then sneak back into the meeting? They couldnít have filmed it after the scene takes place, because it is awfully and regrettably clear that they donít know the outcome of the meeting [SPOILER](the screensaver logo finally hits the corner of the screen)[/SPOILER]. Did they film it beforehand? That wouldnít make any sense. How would they even know what was up ahead? Are we to assume that they are mediums (and Iím not talking clothes size, Iím talking the sooth-saying variety)? Maybe the *writers* think WE are psychic and expect US, the viewer, to fill in all the blanks.

Iím glad I quit watching this show when I did. People told me the show got better, but I can see very plainly that it did not. Unfortunately my girlfriend still TiVos it and I resist the urge to delete it before it reaches her eyes, just to save her brains from dying. Luckily, sheís going out with me, so thatís not going to happen.

astu--Great, now *I* want to drive into a lake...--harold

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