Your guide to the TOMMY Rating system!

You may be a little confused by the rating system we use here on the website. We here at video Jerks have decided not to use the traditional stars, letter grades, or thumbs up or thumbs down, as it is impossible to capture a movie's essence in such pithy ways. The 5 Tommy system is proven to be the best possible way to rate movies, games, music, or whatever. Here is how it works (NOTE: TOMMYS ARE LARGER THAN THEY ACTUALLY APPEAR):

Above is a full 5 Tommy rating. This is the best possible score you can get on the Tommy rating scale. This means what is being reviewed is an exceptional example of it's kind, no question about it. A worthwile experience no matter who you are: This is a thing for you.

Above is a 1 Tommy rating. This is the lowest rating you can get on the Tommy rating scale. Note there is no ZERO Tommy rating. If you like, you can consider 1 Tommy to be ZERO Tommies, and that two Tommies is one Tommy, three Tommies is two Tommies, four Tommies is three Tommies, and a full five Tommies is, in fact, FOUR Tommies. Nobody's perfect, afterall.

POP QUIZ TIME. How many Tommies is this? If you said four Tommies, you are correct. If you said three you are also correct, depending on how you look at things.

Can you tell these Tommies apart? Why, it's TWO/ONE Tommies followed by THREE/TWO Tommies, of course! You're doing great.

Please check this space frequently for more information and updates about the Tommy Rating system

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